Benefits of UEI

We combine 35 years of real estate experience at the highest industry level across a broad range of property types and sizes to fully understand the problem and design an effective, robust solution that produces optimal results with confidence.

Cluster Analysis & Ensemble Models

Condominium Valuation

We use machine learning cluster analysis and ensemble modeling to reveal important, market-derived attributes of condominiums and produce exceptionally accurate market value estimates for thousands of condominiums in Pinellas County, Florida.

Econometrics & GIS

Infrastructure Effect on Property Values

Using econometrics and our fully-integrated geographic information system, we studied over 1,000 home sales near a high-pressure natural gas pipeline to determine the effect this proximity has on nearby home values.


Community Disamenity Valuation

In one of the first large-scale applications of remote-sensing LIDAR data, we studied the effects of highway elevation and traffic noise on home sales along Interstate-395 in Jacksonville, Florida.