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Real estate counseling is the act of providing advice or guidance which significantly affects real estate decisions. Urban Economics provides counseling to some of the most demanding clients were optimal decisions about the use and deployment of real estate use is critical. The utilization of real estate is immensely time and capital intensive and there is no margin for error or turning back in the decision making process. Recognizing the high stakes and needs of our clients, Urban Economics counseling is grounded in thorough in-depth research of the uses of real estate, deep high quality data collection and objective analytics of the data to provide to our clients use options and risk/reward expectations. We put actionable real estate intelligence into the hands of our client.


Valuation at Urban Economics is practiced at the highest level. We are regularly called into some of the most complex situations such as the valuation of permanent plantings, a hurricane hardened headquarters office, contaminated land in the Caribbean, easement interests, community development districts, land entitlements and stigma associated with construction defects and on-site or off-site contamination.

Our valuations are frequently used as evidence in court or other adversarial proceedings were it is imperative that we have a thorough understanding of the real property to be valued, having valid and enlightening market data to be analyzed, most appropriate analysis of the data and a concise explanation of the basis for our opinion.

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We have applied our counseling skills to optimizing the development mix of a world class shooting sport master planned community, litigation support for one of the largest parking structures in the world, expressway land use impact study and a negotiating a land swap for wetland mitigation, among many others.